Meet Gregory- The Egg Man- 6 Images


Meet Gregory- The Egg Man

A walking work of art, Gregory Da Silva is more than an odd spectacle – he is a symbol of Africa’s many diverse cultures…In the first heady years of the African Union, the world’s eyes are increasingly turned to the continent from which humankind first appeared. Beneath the seemingly impenetrable mask of violence portrayed in popular media, lies a living and thriving cultural climate which Des Warde finds well depicted by West African street artist Gregory Da Silva.

His head dress weighs up to twenty five kilograms, his body is armored with artifacts and his face painted with tribal patterns and an undying smile. Each day, Gregory Da Silva presents the city center with a new display of his symbolic art.
Gregory’s voice is lively and he repeatedly offers phrases and words in French. Born in Benin, West Africa, 1979, he was trained in computer science at university, but went on to found a theatre group in Benin called ‘Voice of Spirit’ or ‘Voix de l’Esprit’ which performed politically motivated as well as comic and poetic theatre at the Benin National Library.

When he is traveling in Africa, be it in Senegal, Cameroon, Mali or the Congo, the local people invariably look at him and say “ahh, that is our culture” as they see something of their own represented. “All Africa is in my clothes” he says, drawing attention again to his peerless suit.

He is very popular with tourists, especially those from Italy, England, America and Germany, who frequently ask why he does not come over and do his thing in their own country. But he says his focus is on Africa. Pictures of him certainly do get back to their countries though, as Gregory says everyday “hundreds” of pictures are taken of him, usually posing with the tourists.

Asked about his dreams and ambitions, Gregory (or the “Egg Man” or “Ei man” as he is also known) says that this year he is planning on starting an art school, which is part of his ‘Project for Africa’ for this year. He wants to impart creative knowledge to South African youth, giving them the power to create beautiful things and also to support themselves, all part of his ultimate venerable ambition to “bring Africa together to make one”.

Fertile Women Want Masculine Men

A new study says the fertile women become more attracted to other men if their partner has a less-masculine “baby face.”

Researchers at the University of New Mexico studied 66 monogamous couples over the course of a month. They rated the intelligence and the appearance of the men. A strong jaw, chin, and brow make a masculine face. For the women, researchers surveyed them on their sexual attractions and fantasies during their fertile and non-fertile periods.

Women with masculine-looking partners said their eyes wander less, perhaps because the traits women tend to find sexy when they’re fertile are already present in their partners. However, while those women weren’t looking elsewhere, they also weren’t more attracted to their own manly partners while fertile, suggesting that women’s reasons for wanting sex, not overall desire, might be what varies throughout the cycle.

Breathe easy, baby-faced men. The results only appeared when the women rated men’s sexiness. In terms of long-term attraction, a masculine face didn’t mean much.

“The take-home message of that is that intelligence is probably always pretty important for a woman,” said Martie Haselton, a University of California, Los Angeles, psychologist who was not involved in the current study, but who has studied changes in women across the menstrual cycle. “Low intelligence is not really a turn-on for anybody.”

While it might be good for long-term prospects, intelligence had no effect on the wandering eye. She might stay with you because you’re smart, but it doesn’t mean she’s not thinking about other guys.

If you’re an attractive guy, congrats. Your partner will be even more attracted to you when she’s fertile. Masculine men saw no change in the desire of their mates during a fertile period, according to the survey.

The survey’s findings fit in with evolutionary theory. Our female ancestors would’ve wanted a more masculine male because he’d be expect to produce a heartier offspring. In a way, it’s natural for women to be attracted to a manly man when they’re fertile.

For most women, Haselton said, “it probably happens and it’s gone after a matter of days, and the relationship goes on as it was before.”

So for you round-faced, soft-featured guys, there’s not much you can do. It’ll pass, but when your wife is fertile, she may be secretly attracted to other guys.

World Largest Sand Carpet- 5 Images

World Largest Sand Carpet
Sand castles are not the only thing which you can make with sand. The group of artists created the world’s largest sand carpet. They have used colored sand and it looks very traditional as Persian rugs.

The unique 39,370.078 square foot (12,000 sq. meters) world record carpet was created by 25 visual artists made entirely of 70 types of colorful sand found on the country’s southern island seashores of Hormuz, widely known for its red soil, to create the ‘Persian Gulf’ sand carpet.

The previous sand carpet record was 2.955 square feet created on the Canary Islands.

World Largest Sand Carpet
World Largest Sand Carpet
World Largest Sand Carpet
World Largest Sand Carpet

10 Most Amazing and Beautiful Homes in Australia

We are all becoming more energy conscious and working hard to reduce our carbon footprint, and while all new homes in Australia must meet a five star energy rating, there are some homes which go well beyond five stars and do it in style.

There is nothing as much fun as gushing over a gorgeous home, least of all because you’re not the one who has to worry about the mortgage! Well for your property pleasure, following are 10 of the most amazing, awe-inspiring and beautiful homes in Australia, perhaps you’ll be inspired to update your place?

Glenburn House

Homes in Australia-Glenburn House

Glenburn House has been built in a Victorian hillside and has been specially designed to be easy to heat in winter and easy to keep cool in summer. Glenburn House integrates eco-friendly technologies into the home, for example the property uses solar panels to generate electricity and heat the water.

St Andrews Beach House

Homes in Australia-St Andrews Beach House

St Andrews Beach House is isolated, well appointed, modern and unique – everything you could want in a home. And of course the home offers unobstructed views out into the Southern Ocean.

North Carlton Green House

Homes in Australia-North Carlton Green House

The owners of this beautiful Australian house wanted to feel connected to the landscape and the sun and so have integrated plants and even a rooftop garden into the design. The rooftop garden helps to insulate the rooms below from the sun.

Cape Schanck House

Homes in Australia-Cape Schanck House

Cape Schanck House looks like a work of art. The house is very exposed to the elements and so has been integrated into its environment, and cleverly designed to be cooled. Large wind scoops on the southern side of the home trap cool breezes and provide shade.

Surf Coast House

Homes in Australia-Surf Coast House

If you are looking for inspiration for a modern Australian home, the Surf Coast House is the embodiment of your modern imaginings. The building pushes the boundaries of unique design and uses striking wooden cladding to make the house feel like a home.

Pre-built Mod House

Homes in Australia-Pre-built Mod House

When everyone is demanding something unique, one-off, bespoke designed or one of a kind, you may be surprised to see a pre-fabricated Australian home on the list. These sorts of kit homes are not only very affordable but they have a modern, simple look which you can easily make your own.

Caulfield Solar House

Homes in Australia-Caulfield Solar House

Caulfield Solar House has used high ceilings not only as a designer feature, but also as part of their larger plan for an environmentally friendly Australian home. The home is oriented north to keep out hot summer sun, but let in warm winter rays. There are underground heating and rainwater collection systems.

Kylie Minogue

Homes in Australia-Kylie Minogue home

Yes, she’s gorgeous, stylish and modern so you wouldn’t expect anything less from the home of this Australian superstar. The residence has had solar and wind power installations added, as well as organic fruit and vegetable gardens.

Olivia Newton-John

Homes in Australia-Olivia Newton-John home

Newton-John actually owns a spa retreat which you can stay in to refresh in the beachside atmosphere, enjoying the tropical gardens and views into the New South Wales hills. You can be pampered and massaged and revitalized in the modern, oriental-inspired rooms.

Russell Crowe

Homes in Australia-Russell Crowe home

Russell Crowe’s holiday house is a ranch in New South Wales, which Crowe is defensively secretive about. When he married Danielle Spencer in 2003, we all got a glimpse into his private life as the wedding took place in a specially built chapel on the property – how romantic!

10 Most Powerful Recorded Earthquakes

Earthquakes have destroyed many cities and taken many lives over the course of history. Unfortunately, as of now, Man is yet to discover a way to predict earthquakes. Seismologists are only able to rate the intensity of an earthquake (Moment Magnitude Scale) after its occurrence by measuring the amount of energy released. Methods have been devised to preempt earthquakes.

However, in front of the most powerful quakes, most preemptive methods are rendered ineffective. Following is a list of the ten earthquakes with the largest magnitudes in recorded history.

1960 Valdivia Earthquake

Most Powerful Recorded Earthquakes

1964 Alaska Earthquake

Most Powerful Recorded Earthquakes

2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake

Most Powerful Recorded Earthquakes

1952 Kamchatka Earthquake

Most Powerful Recorded Earthquakes

2011 Sendai Earthquake

Most Powerful Recorded Earthquakes

1833 Sumatra Earthquake

Most Powerful Recorded Earthquakes

1906 Ecuador-Colombia Earthquake

Most Powerful Recorded Earthquakes

2010 Chile Earthquake

Most Powerful Recorded Earthquakes

1700 Cascadia Earthquake

Most Powerful Recorded Earthquakes

1730 Valparaiso Earthquake

Most Powerful Recorded Earthquakes

Melissa Giraldo for Ryocco clothing line from Colombia- 15 Pics

Melissa Giraldo
Melissa Giraldo
Melissa Giraldo

Megan Fox Hot Mega Mix- 23 Pics

Megan Fox
Megan Fox
Megan Fox